Body and spirit are an inseparable union. Capoeira strives for the mental clarity, full body control with mental discipline, which known the pain of life and faces the requirements of life. The Roda is a mirror, the stage of the world, which gives experience and makes obstacles manageable. It is a field to learn the joy of life and a participation until the overcoming of fear. A fight may become a dance created playfully and evolve a concert in the flow of the movement. Additionally, kneeling under the Berimbau before the game starts, listening to the chants of great masters, who reveal foreign or their own stories with all their heart, is a magical experience.

The philosophy and spirit of Capoeira are inevitably connected to Afro-Brazilian religions and traditions; the belief that every human is born under the sign of a god, whose qualities or weaknesses she or he obtains. Who gets to know his god by the help of a Candomblé priest, enters a pact with a supernatural entity which binds one to a religious universe throughout the whole lifetime. Capoeira can also be a way to reach a deep immersion and create a link to the gods. It is the field of power, whose energy stands and falls with the participant’s concentration. Many Capoeristas say that the spiritual part of Capoeira has played a greater role in former times and today there are more masters but less spirit. In general, a loss of character is stated which everyone can sense and understand who ever spoke to one of the old masters. Theirs attitude towards life transports a spiritual connection to the essence of the world. It is the presence itself without fear of the past and future and therefore and openness without restraints. All matters resolve themselves and life flows.

The philosophy of ABADÁ Capoeira is to enhance the individual’s perception of the environment and the self (adapt like a Camaleaô, a chameleon). Furthermore, ABADÁ strives for the teaching of cultural and humanist values and support the further development of creativity, social interaction and a feeling of freedom to make the students strong personalities.