ABADÁ Capoeira’s graduation system strives to reflect nature itself. Therefore, every cord reflects an element of nature with different characteristics. Due to this utilization of the colors, every cord becomes an important symbol for the connection to plant, animal or mineral.

Capoeira events, so-called Batizados (baptisms) take place frequently to introduce new students to the group and upgrade graduations. When entering the group, every student receives a nickname to be used in Capoeira, and hence slips into a new or parallel identity.

crua White / Crua
This is the beginner’s color. The white cord (bras.: “crua” “raw”) is a cord yet without a color.
c-crua-amarela White-Yellow = Transformation
c-amarela Yellow / Amarela
Yellow symbolizes the gold: the value of a new student and what might develop from this stage.
c-amarela-laranja Yellow-Orange = Transformation
c-laranja  Orange / Laranja
The orange cord represents the Sun and allogorizes the awakening of the consciousness.
c-laranja-azul Orange-Blue = Transformation
ALUNO/A GRADUADO/A – Graduate Student
azul Blue / Azul
Blue symbolizes the ocean and the awareness, how immense the way ahead still is.
verde-azul Blue-Green = Transformation
verde Green / Verde
Green is the color of the forrest, the lungs of the Earth. On this level, the student concentrates on the growing of the group and  solidifies her/his abilities.
verde_roxa Green-Purple = Transformation
roxa Purple / Roxa
The amethyst is a reflexion of the continuity in Capoeira. Here, the Capoeirista strives for the overcoming of physical, emotional and spiritual pain and obstacles on the path to knowledge  to sustain the philosophy of our group.
roxa_marrom Purple-Brown = Transformation
marrom Brown / Marrom
Brown represents our style, “the chameleon”, which only alters to preseve its essence.  On this foundation, future Mestrandos, Mestres and Grão Mestres evolve.
vermelha_marrom Brown-Red = Transformation
MESTRANDO/A – Master Student
vermelha Red / Vermelha
Ruby is the stone which symbolizes righteousness. Here, the Capoeirista develops awareness of her/his responsibility for Capoeira. She/he aspires to live, teach and decide righteous.
vermelha-branca Red-White / Vermelha-Branca
White symbolizes the diamond, the mineral which reflects all colors. It is the hardest and most resistant of all stones. White incorporates all colors. Wisdom, patience, humaneness, loyalty and determination conserve our philosophy, tradition and foundation.
branca White / Branca
There is one grandmaster in our group. All qualities are concentrated in this person, who bears the great responsibility of developing the group.
Graduations for Children (until 9 years)
1-3 years  white pontas (tassels)
3 years white/yellow pontas (tassels)
4 years yellow pontas (tassels)
5 years yellow/orange pontas (tassels)
6 years orange pontas (tassels)
7 years orange/blue pontas (tassels)
8 years blue pontas (tassels)
Graduations for Children (from 9 years)


from 16 years: new classification and integration into the audults’ graduation system.